A Social Enterprise

We are Singapore’s first dedicated provider in healthcare training, with a mission to transform lives and build a healthier society by educating and empowering people to care for others. To date, we have impacted more than 400,000 individuals in their lifelong learning journey.

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    A Social Enterprise

    We are Singapore’s first dedicated provider in healthcare training, with a mission to transform lives and build a healthier society by educating and empowering people to care for others. To date, we have impacted more than 400,000 individuals in their lifelong learning journey.

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      HMI Institute of Health Sciences (“HMI Institute”), owned by Health Management International Pte Ltd, is a dedicated private provider of healthcare training in Singapore and one of two SkillsFuture Singapore appointed Continuing Education and Training Centres for the healthcare support sector since 2009.

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      Find out more about HMI Institute’s latest developments through our news releases and media reports.

      Singapore, 22 February 2024 – AETOS Training Academy (ATA) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading private healthcare education provider, HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI Institute), to empower professionals and contribute to enhanced community well-being through bespoke medical…

      BY: ALAN CHIANG Published May 7, 2023 The fast-changing nature of work has prompted many Singaporeans to upgrade their skills to stay relevant. TODAY’s Voices section is publishing first-hand accounts of young Singaporeans who have recently done so to give their careers…

      Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/ news/singapore/story20221101-1328396 Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20221101-1328396

      Caregivers looking to improve their healthcare skills or learn more about common health issues can soon tap an online guide. It is run by healthcare training provider HMI Institute, which wants to improve access to care for all.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ9dGix6qvISource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ9dGix6qvISource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ9dGix6qvI

      Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys are joined by Ms Chin Wei Jia, Group CEO,  HMI to talk about the new community initiatives that HMI Institute is launching and the aim of easing the burden on home caregivers…

      SINGAPORE - They hailed from industries such as aviation and food and beverage, but found their calling as healthcare support workers when the chance arose.When Mr See Yong Kang, 28, lost his job as a service crew member in a…

      Social enterprise furthers its mission to uplift capabilities and build a resilient and future-ready healthcare workforce through workplace-centric and digitally enabled training programmes.In conjunction with the 20th anniversary celebrations, HMI Institute is launching the Carebuddy Community Initiative to help improve…

      BY: LYN CHAN Published May 25, 2022 When Singapore imposed a stringent circuit breaker in April 2020 to curb escalating Covid-19 infections, Ms Yulia Suriaatmadja, like so many others, found her world upended. Just a month earlier, the 50-year-old had…

      BY: CAROL GOHPublished October 24, 2021             Updated October 25, 2021Seeing that Covid-19 has led to a manpower shortage in healthcare, the writer decided to join this meaningful profession.As jobs are a top concern for Singaporeans in the Covid-19 crisis, TODAY’s…

      文:陈嘉羚    来源 :958城市频道    发布:17/02/2021 07:34    更新: 17/02/2021 07:342019冠状病毒疫情当前,许多国人面临就业挑战,有的选择中途专业。从事建筑领域相关工作15年的杨伟权去年九月决定转行,并加入“新心相连”配套下的技能提升计划,在新康学院接受培训,掌握物理治疗方面的新技能。杨伟权说,政府推出的援助计划帮助他成功转业,不仅掌握了不同岗位的新知识,还有机会到疗养院等进行实践。“目前,我正接受物理治疗助理岗位的培训课程,不过课程内容还能让我们学到其他工作岗位的知识,比如护理方面的技能。在接受培训之前,我想帮助患者,从床位移到椅子上,但我没有这方面的知识,接受培训之后我就更有信心。我的培训中,其他同学有四十多、五十多,近六十的人,他们都是抱着求职的心态,但在接受培训之后都认为我们这个年龄,在职业上还能做得更多。”44岁的林慧琳原本从事销售行业,她在去年十月决定转行,加入海事领域。“在去年的疫情期间我的朋友有鼓励我尝试转行。差距可以说是蛮大的,因为之前是建筑行业,现在这个行业很不同,不同的行业需要不同的知识、经验和人脉,从中我也学习了新的知识。我转业的时候不简单,公司给我提供了很多在职培训,我学习了数据分析等新技能,能更好帮助我为公司增值。”副总理兼财政部长王瑞杰在国会发表2021财政年预算案声明时说,政府将再拨出54亿元,通过第二期的“新心相连”就业与技能配套,继续支持国人就业和培训。Source: https://www.8world.com/singapore/budget2021-skills-1394891Source: https://www.8world.com/singapore/budget2021-skills-1394891

      2019冠状病毒疫情当前,许多国人面临就业挑战,有的选择中途专业。 从事建筑领域相关工作15年的杨伟权去年九月决定转行,并加入“新心相连”配套下的技能提升计划,在新康学院接受培训,掌握物理治疗方面的新技能。Source: 【预算案】中途转业者:培训能掌握新技能 职业前景更明朗 (16/02/2021) [Podcast] - meLISTENSource: 【预算案】中途转业者:培训能掌握新技能 职业前景更明朗 (16/02/2021) [Podcast] - meLISTEN

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oY-JyFpHd0Having been in the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years, Tan Bee Lian witnessed several rounds of retrenchments in the companies she previously worked in.Every time she escaped unscathed, she thought to herself: "So lucky that I…

      2020年12月18日 21:33 发布 2020年12月18日 22:49 更新 文:  洪宝玲 由精深技能发展局推出的新心相连技能提升计划,过去五个月提供约1万4000个培训名额,约一半已被填补,83%是专业人士、经理、执行人员和技师。 为中途转业者推出的企业培训计划则吸引约2000人加入,约六成年龄在40岁以上,目前还有约2800个培训机会。 在航空业打拼30年的吴莉华去年9月遭裁退。原本想找一份性质相同的工作,但冠病来袭,她只好改变想法,加入新心相连技能提升计划,转战医疗业。 新心相连技能提升计划学员吴莉华说:“我会担心没有医疗的背景和经验,会不会跟得上进度,还有听不听得明白导师的讲解。然后其实我觉得这些担忧都是不必要的,这里的导师都非常专业,都很有耐心。“ 50岁的游耀锋多年来都对自动化工程感兴趣。待业中的他希望,通过新心相连中途转业人士企业培训计划,掌握编程知识和最新技术,为将来就业做好准备。 新心相连中途转业人士企业培训计划学员游耀锋表示,冠病疫情的时候,没有什么人在招人,所以基本上与其在家里坐以待毙,倒不如自己踏出第一步,有一个新的开始。 精深技能发展局局长王治权透露,每个领域都有机会,但是往往人士向往的都是资讯、医药这些领域。“我们的计划下也有非常好的培训机会进入制造业。如果求职者需要的话,有兴趣的话,我们会配合培训机构跟高等学府来推出新的课程、新的学位。“ 当局指出,截至目前没有接到任何有关滥用培训津贴的个案。而为避免发生滥用事件,学员的出席率必须达到75%,并且通过测试才能获取培训津贴。 Source: https://www.8world.com/news/singapore/article/sgunited-skill-program-1341026?fbclid=IwAR1OuSdNvU97-VjgAT7GY4Cjmz2lWnZxd-PWcBr878dsUWbyrjLAGRHX91E Source: https://www.8world.com/news/ singapore/article/sgunited-skill-program-1341026?fbclid=IwAR1OuSdNvU97-VjgAT7GY4Cjmz2lWnZxd-PWcBr878dsUWbyr jLAGRHX91E

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZblZZHQcfcI&list=PLbnMTcZEga8QlPHMC3kZGwvS21KWm74xy&index=19&fbclid=IwAR0yNgU6ADy5g8p9GMoiBTp78HTO3kI68Nnnyy3i1POxC_67OlS-2xqRvrI About half of the 14,000 training roles under the SGUnited Skills Programme have been filled over the past five months. The government-led programme aims to help mid-career jobseekers acquire industry-relevant skills so that they can take up new roles…

      “Hey, how would you like to take some time off work to learn something new?” This was offered to me by my editor in the middle of a particularly busy week, which made it even more appealing. Since I’m a…

      来自 / 联合早报文 / 杨浚鑫发布 / 2020年10月26日 3:30 AM对医疗感兴趣却考不上医学院,杨伟权在建筑公司担任项目经理超过15年后,去年失业竟“因祸得福”。他终于放胆追逐医学梦,到新康学院修读治疗师助理课程。 杨伟权(38岁)一直以来都希望从事造福社会的职业,这些年工余也会担任义工,帮助有特殊需要的孩子。“我从中体悟到,医疗保健的意义不在于金钱,而是你能如何影响他人的生命。”去年,杨伟权任职的建筑公司停业,他因此决定趁这个机会好好休息,同时探索新的职业道路。担任社区医院会计师的妻子知道丈夫的志向,也建议他报读新康学院(HMI Institute of Health Sciences)的治疗师助理课程。杨伟权目前通过“新心相连”技能提升计划(SGUnited Skills)上课。他说:“我们学习的内容,包括如何将患者从病床移到椅子,以及怎么与他们沟通,以平易近人的方式解释治疗和康复计划,避免使用医学术语。”尽管是中途转业,但对这行怀抱热忱的杨伟权,表示在掌握新知识和技能方面,没有遇到太大的困难。完成课程后,他将获得治疗师助理的资格,但杨伟权的梦想始终是成为一名治疗师,因此他会继续攻读相关学位。与医疗相关的职业众多,针对为何选择治疗师这一行,杨伟权解释,他希望能够与病患直接接触,了解他们正在经历的事,并提供积极正面的援助。要当治疗师的部分原因,也是基于本身的患病经历。杨伟权18岁当兵时伤及背部,当时接受了物理治疗,而他接近30岁时也因鼻窦炎而动了小手术。虽心怀梦想,但要离开熟悉的领域,投身另一个行业仍是艰难的决定,尤其是薪水因此锐减超过一半。杨伟权说:“所幸的是,妻子和家人都很支持我,我们也能够在生活上作出调整,减少开支。”Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20201026-1095716Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20201026-1095716

      来自 / 联合早报文 / 陈可扬, 李思敏, 蓝云舟发布 / 2020年10月6日 3:30 AM陈美莲被裁退后看到招聘医护人员的广告,于是报读新康学院医疗助理课程,一圆年轻时想成为护士的梦想。(精深技能发展局提供)王瑞杰指出,全国就业理事会正与不同企业探讨如何提供培训及实习机会,并在未来将其转换为不错的工作,当局正在通过不同渠道展开这项工作。截至今年8月底,全国就业理事会已经通过“新心相连”就业与技能配套创造11万7500个就业与见习机会,超过原本的10万目标。副总理王瑞杰指出,当局接下来工作的关键是确保员工能够成功和这些机会配对。王瑞杰也是经济政策统筹部长及财政部长,他在国会发表部长声明时指出,这个属于坚毅向前预算案的配套今年5月宣布后取得很好的进展,但全国就业理事会应该再接再厉。“全国就业理事会正在和企业紧密合作聘用中途转业者,并将受到冠病疫情打击的航空业及旅游业员工,重新部署到医疗保健以及幼儿培育这些急需人手、员工技能也得到重视的领域。”“新心相连”就业与技能配套今年5月宣布时,目标是提供10万个就业、实习及培训机会以抵消预期流失的工作岗位;负责监督落实这项配套的全国就业理事会由国务资政兼社会政策统筹部长尚达曼领导。王瑞杰也指出,全国就业理事会也正与不同企业探讨如何提供培训及实习机会,并在未来将其转换为不错的工作,当局正在通过不同渠道展开这项工作。他也在演讲中举一名在石油与天然气行业服务了30年的中年转业者陈美莲为例,鼓励国人勇于踏出舒适圈并保持开放心态,通过掌握新技能找到新工作。陈美莲原本是一名仪器工程师,她在冠病疫情带来的裁员潮中丢失了工作。她说:“我已经53岁了,行情又这么糟糕,一开始真的感到十分茫然。”求职过程中,陈美莲在面簿上看到招募医护人员的广告,年轻时想成为一名护士的她于是决定报读新康学院(HMI Institute of Health Sciences)的医疗助理课程。陈美莲说:“我期待在培训结束后学以致用,为国人未来能够体验到更高医疗水平尽一分力。”此外,贸工部兼文化、社区及青年部政务部长,也是市长委员会主席的刘燕玲,将探讨如何更好地帮助失业年长专业人士,以及更好地通过微型工作的形式,将就业机会带到各个邻里。王瑞杰指出,一些工作人士希望能够就近工作,一些邻里商家则可能找不到人手,但如果这些信息能集中在社区服务中心、民众俱乐部等接触点,“那就可能进行职业配对”。为弱势员工改善就业前景王瑞杰也说,政府将继续为弱势员工改善就业前景,除了推出奖励措施,也要移风易俗,改变雇主的既定观念。他说:“只要能够专注于劳动队伍的优点,并更灵活地设计工作,我们能够为不同群体的工人,制定有创意的解决方案。”不过,王瑞杰也强调我国仍然需要从全球范围引进人才,补充本地人才缺口,并通过互补优势,让我国员工队伍和企业掌握最先进的技能,以及融入全球网络,“这最终将使所有新加坡员工受益。”Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20201006-1090424Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20201006-1090424

      Follow-up story on MOH’s Addendum announcement: 7,500 jobs and 1,600 training opportunities in healthcare sector to be created by end-2021 Source: https://www.mewatch.sg/en/tv-show/news/sep-2020-vasantham-tamil-seithi/tue-1-sep-2020/992428Source: https://www.mewatch.sg/en/tv-show/news/sep-2020-vasantham-tamil-seithi/tue-1-sep-2020/992428

      This week, the Ministry of Health has announced that there will be about 7,500 jobs and 1,600 traineeships, attachments and skills training opportunities created from now until the end of next year. HMI Institute of Health Sciences is the training…

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