Assessment Rules, Scheme And Guidelines

Details you need to know about Assessment Rules, Scheme and Guidelines

Assessment Rules, Scheme And Guidelines

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses are occupational and competency-based that is designed to build capabilities of industry. WSQ modules are singular and flexible which can be taken as and when required; or built up to full qualifications. Assessment and certification are based on ability to demonstrate capabilities required by industry.

Grading Scheme

DescriptionGrade Notation
Not Yet CompetentNYC

Students will receive a Statement of Achievement (SOA) for modules that they achieve competency in. Once the SOAs are obtained for all competency units required to achieve the full qualification, students will be conferred the relevant WSQ certificate by SkillsFuture Singapore

Assessment Rules

Students are not allowed to defer their assessments. Only Singaporean males required to attend National Service (NS) call-ups on exam dates are eligible for exam deferment, as are people with valid medical certification or on compassionate leave. All deferments must be supported by documentary evidences at the point of application.

Students have to achieve a competent grade of “C” to pass the module. No student will be allowed to re-take a module for which they have been assessed “Competent”. Two (2) re-assessment opportunities are available for students who are not yet competent for the module. Students will be required to be re-assessed within the course duration. The grading for academic courses is in accordance with the accrediting organization’s requirement.

Students will be required to retake the module (also refer to as Re-Module) and attend class when the retake opportunities are exhausted. Student will be required to pay for the Re-module fee applicable at the time of enrolment (refer to PEI Standard Student Contract). No training allowance is disbursable in this case.