Our Testimonials

The WSQ Care Assistance Course is informative, well-structured and easy to follow. The part I like most is the practical role-plays as I have the opportunity to put the theory learnt into practice. The trainers are attentive and helpful in answering to our individual learning needs. I highly recommend this course as the skills, abilities and knowledge you are useful and applicable even if you do not work in the healthcare industry.

Working in the financial sector, I was hesitant to join the course at first as I was afraid that I would not fit the healthcare sector. The practical sessions are an eye-opener as we got to apply the skills that we learnt. I felt a sense of achievement after graduating from the SGUnited Skills Programme and I am looking forward to pursue a career in healthcare.

After completing the SGUnited Skills Programme, I’m currently pursing training to progress on to Enrolled nurse training, sponsored by MOH Holdings. Special shout-outs to Mr Riduan and Ms Kalai for keeping us engaged and, incorporating humour in your lessons. I’ll remember those moments! Good lecturers stand out! I’ve benefited and I’m grateful for your advice and guidance!

6 months passed by so fast and it is indeed an amazing and unforgettable journey. After this SGUnited Skills Programme, I progress on by enrolling in the ITE Nursing course to further pursue my career in the healthcare industry. I am grateful for this opportunity and would like to say thank you to HMI Institute for making this learning journey an incredible and fulfilling one!

As an accountant, I was hesitant at first to make a career switch. Can I cope in acquiring new skillsets? I took the leap of faith and decided to join the SGUnited Skills Programme. My confidence gradually build up with participation and encouragement from the lecturers. My classmates are very encouraging, making the 6 months learning journey fun and enjoyable. I felt accomplished and look forward to put what I’ve learnt into practice.

I would recommend everyone to take this WSQ Care Assistance Course as most of us have seniors and elderly at home, sometimes we may face situations of not knowing what to do. Even if you have a helper at home to support the seniors, it is still important for us to be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills on how to take care, and provide a safe environment for our elderly at home.

The SGUnited Skills Programme equipped me with industry relevant skills and knowledge in the healthcare industry. There role-plays and presentations boost my confidence in communications. A word of advice is to be clear about your goals and keep moving forward to achieve it. Never let age be an obstacle in achieving your dreams!

Being a Music Teacher with no prior experience in healthcare, I was worried if I could adapt well in this industry. My worries are allayed as the SGUnited Skills Programme trainers are very knowledgeable and provided us with an enriching learning experience. There is abundance of valuable resources for us to reference from, and the trainers are always helpful in answering our queries. I am thankful to have dedicated trainers and supportive classmates who made the whole experience enjoyable.

Coming from the Food and Beverage industry, I was nervous and had a lot of uncertainties before I joined the course. Looking back to when I just started the SGUnited Skills Programme with no idea of what to expect in the healthcare industry, I’m proud of the accomplishment I’ve achieved. I am looking forward to utilize my skills learnt to work in healthcare.

Being a technical specialist, this is a completely new industry to me. I was hesitant due to the 6 months commitment and payable course fees. After some research, I found out that this SGUnited Skills Programme is heavily subsidised and SkillsFuture credits can be used to offset the fees. The 6 months flew past so fast as I was having so much fun learning the technical and soft skills from the lecturers. A big shout out to Mr Michael for the fun, enjoyable lessons. These are such fond memories. On the last day, we wrote thank you appreciation notes to one another. I am proud to tell everyone that I have graduated and looking forward to start my career in the healthcare industry. A shoutout to HMI Institute, they have indeed lived up to their good reputation in training delivery!

Ever since my family member fell sick, I realized it’s necessary to have some knowledge and experience regarding medical care/assistance to my loved one and other senior citizens. As such, I had an interest to sign up for this WSQ Care Assistance Course and my supervisors in Sasco encouraged me to attend as well. This course enabled me to learn a lot of professional care assistant knowledge which is not only beneficial for my future career, but also beneficial for my family and myself one day. As a lifesaving course, I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.

My mum’s condition inspired me to dive deeper into healthcare. I decided to enrol in the SGUnited Skills Programme. The knowledge and skillsets learnt help me to better take care of my family and the community. There's a great camaraderie in our class and we constantly motivate each other in this 6-months programme. Looking forward to the myriad opportunities in contributing to the healthcare sector.

I was from the tourism industry with zero healthcare experience. As a mid-career switcher, I was concerned if I can adapt and complete the course. However, I felt at ease as there is a systematic learning procedure in place. The trainers are passionate, responsible, constantly motivating and encouraging in this learning journey. Feeling motivated now as I graduated from the course, I am intending to expand my knowledge in the healthcare sector by pursuing a course in Pharmaceutical Science. I strongly encourage mid-career switchers to attend the courses in HMI Institute. The SGUnited Skills Programme provides $1,200 which help a lot in my daily expenses.