Examination Rules

Details you need to know about Examination Rules

Examination Rules

All students must sit for scheduled assessments and practical tests for all the modules that they are taking.

All mobile phones, pagers and other electronic devices capable of storing and displaying visual and verbal information are not allowed in all test and assessment venues. Students found in possession of any electronic communication devices in any of the assessment venues would be deemed to have committed a dishonest act, and would be penalized accordingly. HMI Institute reserves the right to disqualify the candidates for the module concerned.

Anyone who is found cheating or collaborating in a cheating case may be barred from sitting for the rest of the papers. If found guilty, the student will not be given a grade for the module and deem to have failed the module concerned.

A student who is absent from assessment due to illness must produce a valid medical certificate within 1 day from the assessment date. Otherwise, the student will not be given a grade for the assessment and “absence without reason” will be indicated in the students’ records.

A student must achieve a 75% class/training attendance to participate in any assessment. A student will not be awarded any marks even if he/she attends the assessments in the event that the minimum attendance rate is not satisfied.

The results for each assessment will be released to the students within 2 weeks after the last day of each assessment.