Caregiver Training Courses


Designed to equip caregivers with essential skills and knowledge, our courses cover a wide range of topics aiming to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to effectively assist the elderly in their daily activities.

Whether you are a family member, a caregiver, or someone looking to enhance your caregiving abilities, our courses provide the practical and emotional tools needed to deliver compassionate and effective care.

SUPPORT IN STERILISATION SERVICE: ENTRY LEVELThis module enables the learner to perform an integral role at all stages of sterile processing of surgical instruments and supplies in the healthcare setting.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENTThis module enables the learner to utilise a systematic approach towards improving workplace processes which includes application of continuous improvement techniques, methods of root cause analysis, proposed solutions and evaluation of implemented activity/project.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND CRISIS MANAGEMENTThis module enables the learner to participate and support a team when responding to an emergency/crisis situation according to the organizational guidelines.

FRONTLINE SERVICES MANAGEMENTThis module enables the learner to perform patient registration and provide appropriate services and process admissions/discharge procedures in accordance with organisational procedures and guidelines.

ASSIST IN PERIOPERATIVE PRACTICE: ENTRY LEVELThis module enables the learner to perform the integral role as a healthcare support staff in operating theatre by providing perioperative care for patients undergoing surgery.

MEDICATION DISPENSINGThe module enables the learner to assist in dispensing medications safely and competently as ordered in the prescription, which includes packing, labelling, proper storage and disposal of medications according to the organisational guidelines.

PATIENT EDUCATION AND ENGAGEMENTThis module enables the learner to provide patients with information on pre and post-consultations and/or procedures and promote awareness on health and wellness to achieve optimal health outcomes for patients.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND SAFE PRACTICES WITH 6S CONCEPTThis module enables the learner to work as a team for the continuous improvement on of patient safety processes, within their own work area, specifically by implementing 6s concepts.