Transfer / Withdrawal Policy

Details you need to know before transfer/ withdrawal from your course.

Transfer / Withdrawal Policies

The Transfer and Withdrawal policies are communicated to students during their orientation and indicated in the student handbook. HMI Institute shall maintain all withdrawal and transfer records for 3 years.

Transfer Policy

HMI Institute provides student the opportunity to transfer from their enrolled course to another HMI Institute course within 7 days cooling-off period upon signing of Standard Student Contract, provided students satisfy the entry requirements of the new course. All requests for transfer must be made in the HMI Institute transfer form. Students who request for transfer will be required to pay a transfer application fee (subject to the prevailing GST).

  • Students who are approved for transfer of course within HMI Institute will have to sign a fresh Standard Student Contract and other supplementary documents (if applicable) with HMI Institute.
  • No request for transfer for courses within HMI Institute shall be entertained after the 7 days cooling-off period. Students who apply for transfer after 7 days of cooling-off period shall be processed as withdrawal, and the existing withdrawal and refund policy shall apply.
  • Students who transfer out of HMI Institute will be deemed as having withdrawn from the school. The existing Withdrawal and Refund Policies shall apply.
  • d) Parent or guardian’s approval for transfer will be requested if the student is below 18 years of age.


Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawals without financial penalty must be made within 7 cooling-off days period upon signing the Standard Student Contract. All withdrawals must be made in HMI Institute withdrawal form. Non-attendance and/or non-payment do not constitute a withdrawal from HMI Institute.

  • The school shall inform students of its decision for withdrawal within 7 days of receiving of the formal request.
  • On approval of withdrawals, the Refund Policy as defined in the signed Standard Student Contract between the student and the school shall apply.
  • Parent or guardian’s approval for the withdrawal will be required if the student is below 18 years of age.

Transfer/Withdrawal Procedure

Transfer Withdrawal Policy 1