Student Policies

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Student Policies

Attendance Policy

HMI Institute strongly encourages 100% classroom and clinical (if applicable) attendance rates. Attendance and participation in class are essential if the student is to gain competency for the module. Notwithstanding, all WSQ full-time students must achieve a minimum attendance rate of 75% per module for lessons, practical and clinical attachment. The Institute will generate and submit the attendance report in compliance with the requirements of the examining body or award conferring institution.

Students are required to sign in the Attendance Sheet to record their attendance for each day/half-day.

Regular and punctual attendance in class is expected and enforced in the Institute. Students are solely responsible for ensuring that they fulfil the attendance. A student may be barred from assessments for the module if his/her attendance rate falls below the required level. A “Not Yet Competent” grade will be given for the affected modules.

Student & Career Services Department will keep track of the attendance rate of each student on weekly basis and follow up with issuing warning letter or arranging counselling session for the student whose attendance rate falls below the required rate.

Students are responsible for notifying the Institute of the reasons for his/her absence according to the Institute’s procedures, as follows:

  1. Inform the Institute or lecturer / clinical instructor prior to start of class and/or attachment duty by phone or email. Students should contact the lecturer through the Institute’s mainline and clinical instructor through the mobile number that was informed to them prior to the start of the class or clinical attachment.
  2. Student must submit his/her medical certificate to the Institute


WSQ courses students who are absent from classes or clinical attachment for 3 consecutive days without contacting the Institute may be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

Student Absenteeism

The Institute takes a serious view on the absenteeism without valid reason during the course. The procedure on managing absenteeism is as follows:


(for WSQ courses and Academic courses )

Action(s) to be taken
Absent for 2 days within a week but not less than an overall of 75% rate.1st Counseling session by lecturer.
Absent for 3 days within a week but not less than an overall of 75% attendance rate.2nd Counseling session by Student Services Department.
Absent more than 3 days within a week without informing the school and/or attendance falls below 75% for a module.

Attendance >75% : lecturers shall have the sole discretion in deciding the need for students to make up classes on the competency elements which students have missed out.

Attendance <75% : students will be required to re-take the module.


Make-up Policy for Lessons / Clinical Attachment

Students who are absent or arrive late for class / clinical attachment may be required to make up lessons / clinical time. Make-up policy will only apply to WSQ students who have satisfied SkillsFuture Singapore’s stipulated minimum attendance rate of 75%. Students who have not satisfied the minimum attendance rate will be graded “Not Yet Competent” for the module and will be required to re-module, or barred from examination/assessment.

The lecturer shall have the sole discretion of determining the make-up lesson / clinical time based on evidence of learning displayed by the student. Student will be informed once the make-up lesson/ clinical time is established. If the student fails to complete the required make up lesson/ clinical time, he/she will receive a “Not Yet Competent” grade for the affected module(s).

The lecturer may adopt the following make up procedures:

  1. Student to put in additional time on the same day of lesson / clinical time
  2. Student to put in additional time on the subsequent day(s) of lesson / clinical time
  3. Student may be required to join another cohort of students after the end of course for the affected module. In this case, it will be considered as a


Students will not be entitled to training allowance for make-up lessons/ clinical time.


Plagiarism Policy

In simple terms, plagiarism is using another person’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own, without acknowledging the original source. The institute takes a very serious view on this offence and is grounds for expulsion.

Plagiarism often takes the form of a student copying information from one source and presenting it in a paper or report without the use of footnotes or direct mention of the source in the body of the paper. Naturally, students are expected to read and use a variety of sources when writing a paper, but when the exact words (or words with slight modification) or ideas of others are used, the sources should be properly acknowledged. When lecturers read the student papers, they want to know which ideas are the student’s and which belong to other sources. It is also unacceptable to submit another person’s paper or assessment as your own. In such cases, lecturers may impose sanctions such as a failing grade.


Appeals Policy

Application for appeal must be submitted 3 working days upon the release of results. Late appeal will not be entertained. Students must complete the required form and pay for Appeal Administration Fee (refer to Appendix A of this Handbook) refer to as laid out in the Standard Student Contract. Students can only appeal where he/she has failed the module. Appeals for a better pass grade will not be entertained.

Appeal Procedure

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Confidentiality Policy

HMI Institute is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the students’ data. Students’ particulars obtained through student admissions and registration is used only for record purposes. Prior permission will be obtained in writing from the student if the particulars are to be used for other purposes. In this instance, the student must give his/her consent by signing a ‘Consent Form’ where the purpose is mentioned.