Strategic HR & the Future of HR

Move beyond administrative transactional HR and develop a strategic focus on your most important asset: your people.

Strategic HR & the Future of HR 1


Strategic Human Resource Management is an approach to managing human resources that supports long-term organizational goals and objectives with a strategic outlook. It can be also defined as the intertwining of the strategic objectives of an organization along with its Human Resources for the furtherance of business performance and efficiency.

Course Objectives

In this course, we explore the components of strategic HR planning, including assessing current needs, forecasting the future, and supporting the overall organizational strategy and vision to create a plan to measure how well these areas are performing.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to understand how to design, develop & execute well defined HR strategies which are in alignment with larger organizational strategies to give a competitive advantage to the HR and the organization.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction of Strategic HR
  2. Developing HR strategic plan
  3. Strategic approach to key HR areas
  4. Key HR challenges, trends and practices
  5. HR performance measurement

Target Audience

  1. Supervisory Staff
  2. Executives
  3. Managers’
  4. Individuals who are interested to play a proactive and strategic partner role in helping the organization achieve its ultimate business goals and objectives through its people


Upon completion of the course, the participants will be awarded the Certificate of Completion by HMI Institute.

Strategic HR & the Future of HR 1

Course Date

25 May 2023

29 June 2023

Course Date & Registration

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Venue

Synchronous E-Learning

Course Fee

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is providing course fee funding to the healthcare in-service staff.

  1. Up to 70% course fee subsidy for Singaporean aged 21-39 & SPR 21 years and above.
  2. Up to 90% course fee subsidy for Singaporean aged 40 & above.
  3. Up to 90% course fee subsidy for all staff (Singaporean & SPR) under the Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) for SME employers.

Full Course Fee$ 196.00 (before GST)

Baseline Subsidy

(Non-SME SC/SPR <40 y/o)

Fee Payable After SSG 70% Subsidy

$ 64.09 (including 9% GST)

Enhanced Subsidy

(All SME SC/SPR + Non SME SC/SPR >39 y/o)

Fee Payable After SSG 90% Subsidy

$ 21.36 (including 9% GST)


HMI Institute reserves the right to postpone or cancel the courses if minimum enrolment is not met.

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