Student Code of Conduct

Details you need to know about Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

All students must always uphold the highest standards of conduct as specified in the HMI Institute Student Code of Conduct. This student code of conduct applies within HMI Institute premises, during HMI Institute activities and other Institute functions outside the Institute.

Compliance with HMI Institute Rules and Singapore Laws

Students are obliged to observe and uphold HMI Institute rules as well as the laws of Singapore at all times.

Alcohol and Drugs
The possession and consumption of alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited in the Institute and during HMI Institute activities. Students caught with drug-related offence will be handed over to the police.

Smoking is not allowed within HMI Institute premises and the non-smoking area/zone of the building.

Eating and Drinking
No food and drinks (besides plain water) are allowed in the training rooms.

Unauthorised Entrance and Vandalism
Students are not allowed to enter any part of the Institute, which they are prohibited, from entering. Students who damage the Institute’s property shall assume liability for repairs/replacement.

Personal Property
Students are responsible for their own property and should take appropriate measure to safe guard it. Mobile phones and media players should not be left unattended.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are not permitted to be used in the class or clinical training. They should be turned OFF or on SILENT mode for emergency contact only.

Personal Appearance

Students’ Dress Code
Students are required to wear the HMI Institute uniform or that from his/her sponsoring healthcare industry employer. Modifications to the uniform will not be allowed. Students are expected to wear neat, well-fitting, clean uniform that is free from wrinkles.

Name Tag
Students are expected to wear the Institute’s name tag in the Institute compound and during clinical attachment at all times.

All students must maintain neat and groomed hairstyle at all times. Fancy or extreme hairstyle, hair colours and fanciful hair accessories are to be avoided. No fringes are allowed to fall to the eyebrows to avoid blocking of vision when performing tasks.

For ladies, shoulder-length or longer hair must be tied up/bunned up/ pinned up neatly.

For men, hair should be above the collar. It is also expected that all male students must be clean-shaven.

Jewellery is not permitted when in uniform as they might cause injury or transmit pathogens to the patients. Exceptions are allowable which include simple watch and wedding band. Small pierced earrings are allowable for female students only.

All students are required to wear black shoes with black socks when in uniform.

Nails must be clean and trimmed. No bright or garish nail polish.


Violation of Student Code of Conduct

HMI Institute, as a caring educational community, does not tolerate any form of misconduct, be it physical or psychological harm, harassment or violence directed against any person. Students found infringing the Student Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary actions and the punitive actions to be imposed may include dismissal, suspension and/or other penalties.