(SCTP) WSQ Higher Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Support)


Learn the skills and knowledge in physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to assist the therapists with the delivery of treatments for patients.

Career Prospects & Progression

Skilled TAs have good career prospects and are high in demand. Graduates can expect a stable and secure entry career in healthcare. With a friendly attitude and good work ethics, graduates can look forward to promising career progression. Therapy Assistant > Senior Therapy Assistant

Award of Certification

  • WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) — for all completed WSQ modules in the programme construct (Trainees who managed to complete all WSQ modules of the WSQ Higher Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Support) will also be conferred this full qualification)
  • HMI Institute’s Certificate of Completion — for all completed non-WSQ course units in the programme construct

Full Qualification Modules

WSQ Higher Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Support)

  • Emergency Response And Crisis Management
  • Client Education and Therapy Support
  • Client Assessment in Therapy Support
  • Group Therapy Planning and Implementation
  • Professional, Legal and Ethical Healthcare Practice

Therapy Support Specialisation Modules

  • Continuous Improvement Management
  • Inter-professional Collaboration
  • Patient Education and Engagement
  • Workplace Safety and Health
Personal Effectiveness Module
  • Adapting To Change
  • Team Building And Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Creativity And Innovation In Healthcare
  • Service Excellence In Healthcare
  • Data Privacy, Protection And Cybersecurity
  • Facilitating Learning @ Work
  • Preparing And Performing At The Workplace
  • Building Resilience During A Transition


5 months

Delivery Methods

The course comprises of classroom lessons, skills laboratory training and clinical attachment in a healthcare organization.

Assessment Methods

Oral/written tests, assignments and practical performance.

  • One Pass in GCE ‘0’ or GCE ‘N‘ (any subject), OR
  • Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 4 (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Numeracy) and Level 3 (Writing).
  • Certified by approved clinics to be medically fit for healthcare training and work.
  • Must clear HMI Institute’s admissions screening process for the course.

Applicants will be assessed by the Institute on their suitability for the course prior to enrolment. Academic qualifications are but one of several assessment criteria.


 Age group

 Course fee after subsidies (Subjected to GST)

Singaporeans 21 years old – 39 years old

*SSG course fee subsidy of up to 70%


SPR or LTVP+ holders 21 years old and above

*SSG course fee subsidy of up to 70%


Singaporeans 40 years old and above

*SSG course fee subsidy of up to 90%


Full Course Fee before SSG Funding: $12,134.

Course Enquiries

If you are new to HMI Institute and wish to inquire about our training courses, please fill in the contact form.