Screen, Prepare, Place And Train (Sppt) Programme to Train More Workers for the Growing Step-Down Care Industry

Part of CET Masterplan to train and place adult Singaporeans for jobs in high-growth sectors

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) Screen, Prepare, Place and Train (SPPT) programme that prepares workers to become community healthcare assistants, has successfully placed and trained 34 students in the step-down care sector since its launch last September. Among the 34 graduands 1[The first batch of 17 trainees graduated in December 2007 while the secondbatch of 17 trainees graduatestoday.], 30 of them are aged 40 and above and95% do not have prior experience in healthcare industry.

2 The SPPT programme offers an accessible and viable pathway for jobseekers and career switchers looking to enter the healthcare industry. It equips trainees with both soft and hard skills to work in a step-down care setting like community hospitals and nursing homes. The skills include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), workplace safety and health procedures, assisting clients with self medication,meeting clients’physical and emotional needs and other skills. The three-month training also includes a four-week clinical attachment at a step-down care facility.

3 Mr Ong Ye Kung, Chief Executive of WDA says, “SPPT is a model example of our CET programme – regardless of age, the training is accessible and open to all who wish to acquire new skills or upgrade their skills to stay competitive and employable. Graduands from this programme will have many opportunities to upgrade their skills further and consequently take on higher responsibilities.”

4 Dr Benjie Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Sree Narayana Mission Home for Aged Sick, agreed that the graduands’ suitability for an eventual job in the industry is important. “With the stringent screening process and structured training, the SPPT programme ensures the trainees are equipped with the right mindset and attitude as well as the necessary skills to join the industry. This will help to address the manpower challenges and reduce the turnover rate within the industry. We welcome mature Healthcare Assistants to join us as they put a local touch in our homes, sharing similar backgrounds with our residents.”

5 As at February 2008, 51 participants have enrolled in the programme. Other upcoming intake is planned in April 2008. The target this year is to train 100 community healthcare assistants and placed them with suitable companies.

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