Jaya, WSQ Clinic Admin Assistant student

Submitted by Jaya, Clinic Admin Assistant

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a trainee in HMI Institute, WSQ Clinic Admin Assistant, and I’m current working in TrueCare Clinic.

Being a mother of a nine-year-old girl and the main caregiver for my parents, I was initially worried that I would be unable to keep up with course mates who could be more digitally savvy. However, my decision to embark in something meaningful in my next lap of my career, and my love for customer service, cemented my decision to make that career switch.

Spurred by the opportune timing and the unwavering support from my family, i took that leap of faith and enrolled into the Healthcare Support course at HMI Institute.

How has your HMI Institute experience shaped and help you pursue your career?

Initially I was worried about returning back to school, but the lecturers constant encouragements allay my concerns. They are helpful and patient in their training and guidance, and I was able to easily understand what was being taught. In addition, my lecturers are generous to share their wealth of experiences which I benefitted till this day. Other than lecturers, the support system in the Institute was significant to my growth as well. I had many supportive course mates and working together as a team further enriched my experiences and growth.

I also enjoyed the practical aspect of the course where I got to put theory into action. We also had the opportunity of a 1-month work attachment in a clinic to gain real-life practical experience on the ground. The holistic experience shaped me into a competent, confident and resilient person.

“Love what you do, and you can go far. Never give up!”

Every day is a meaningful and brand-new learning journey for me. I’m glad to work alongside with seniors and colleagues who provide guidance along the way. We work as a family, giving confidence and motivation to one another, with the aim to provide quality care for our patients.

I have absolutely no regrets about stepping out of my comfort zone and is happy I did so. For those who are keen on doing the same but hesitant about taking that step, I encourage you to sign up for the course preview to gain insights on the types of training provided to help you excel in your job.

“Love what you do and you can go far. Never give up!” Hope to see all of you soon in healthcare!

For those who are similarly interested in undergoing courses at HMI Institute to equip yourselves to enter the healthcare sector, contact us at courses@hmi.com.sg or at 6253 3818.

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If you are similarly interested in undergoing courses at HMI Institute to equip yourselves to enter the healthcare sector, contact us at courses@hmi.com.sg or at +65 8121 1892.