Care Community Fun Fair : 05 Aug 2017

HMI Institute of Health Sciences in support of the FestivalForGood (organised by raiSE) held this Care Community Fun Fair for the public to gain hands-on experiences on caregiving through training simulations and fun activities. Participants had the chance to:

  • Know how to create a safe home environment for your aged parents/grandparents
  • Learn safe feeding skills for Caregivers
  • Understand Caregivers’ stress & preventing/relieving these stresses
  • Understand how your aged parents/grandparents feel
  • Able to recognise illnesses & emergencies
  • Pick up simple skills on CPR

-and many more!

Learn&Fun @ our Interactive Stations

Create a safe home environment for the aged parents/grandparents

    • Be able to list the common hazards at home
    • Be able to list some of the common measures that can help to improve home safety
    • Understand basic infection control and food hygiene practices
    • Identify funding resources for assistive devices

Safe feeding skills for Caregivers

  • Understand the signs of dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)
  • Know how to prepare fluids and foods with thickener for oral feeding
  • Learn the right feeding techniques to prevent aspiration (slippages of food and water into lungs)

CPR made easy

  • Be able to recognize heart attack and call for help
  • Perform effective chest compressions
  • Be able to perform manoeuvres to relieve adult choking

Age to feel?

  • Experience physical changes due to aging
  • Be able to identify the challenges of aging
  • Learn basic strategies to assist your aged parents/grandparents

Mindfulness & Relaxation

  • Be able to identify sources of stress
  • Be able to identify caregiver stress and burnout
  • Be able to evaluate personal level of stress
  • Be able to identify strategies to prevent and relieve caregiver stress and burnout

How well is Mr SIM?

  • Learn how to recognise illness and emergencies
  • Have fun Interacting with Mr SIM
  • Understand about abnormal blood pressure, heart rate and breathing pattern