8World: 点看预算案2024

Our alumna, Ms Shirley Goh, was given the opportunity to share her mid-career transition journey on Channel 8’s “The Budget & You 2024” programme.

At 43 years old, motivated by her curiosity and her desire to contribute to society in a meaningful way, she decided to embark on a journey to explore possible healthcare roles and researched on the skills and qualifications required.

She enrolled into the SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) in Healthcare (Operations) at HMI Institute, where she gained a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and the invaluable work that healthcare professionals do every day. Shirley is now a clinic assistant today at Lifescan Imaging.

Her journey highlights the importance of lifelong learning and showcases how determination and a willingness to explore new paths can lead to fulfilling and impactful roles in different industries.

Watch her interview from 1:26 – 5:20: