Complimentary e-learning to educate and empower the community to care for others.

Patient Care Activities

Prescribed eye drop

Prepare clinic for services

Request for daily schedule

Workplace Safety and Health

Apply infections control practices

Lifting, Transferring and Positioning

Maintain and care for equipment

Respond to Illness

Respond to illness first aid medical emergencies

Perform Lifesaving Techniques

Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO)

Prepare operating theatre for surgery

Recognise the values in preparing operating theatre for surgery

Perform Administrative Activities

Prepare work area

Measure and Record Patient’s Vital Signs

Measure and record vital signs

Assist Patients with Basic Hygiene Activities

Preform basic hygiene care activities

Use Medical Terminology in Work Activities

Demonstrate understanding the principles of medical terminology

Demonstrate understanding of sterile environment

Demonstrate understanding of sterile environments of sterile processing department

Demonstrate Understanding of Healthcare Environment

Understand the work processes in the health care industry

Deliver of therapy and client procedures for specific clients

Prepare for therapy & procedures for clients with neurological disorders

Assist with the Implementation of a Prescribed Care Plan with Supervision of a Qualified Therapist

Understand the requirements of a therapy care plan